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A picture speaks a thousand words

At Director of Photography Studio or DOP Studio as we like to call in short, we believe in delivering photo and Videography services of top-quality. We specialize in weddings, Corporate, Movies and other events like Cradle, Birthdays, Dhoti & half saree, Anniversaries and Sports.

To us, photography is an art that brings out the inner real emotions of every person. We capture an unforgettable memory and then add a touch of emotional essence into every photograph we take. We ensure to paint a picture of that very moment that may not last forever but will always be in our memories. We capture mesmerizing pictures of real people, during real moments to make everlasting memories.

We are more than just blessed to staff an excellent and creative team of photographers who put their mind and soul into every photography project that we undertake. They make it a point not to cut corners anywhere and deliver to you nothing but excellent top-quality photographs that will definitely lead to everlasting memories.

Who doesn’t like a photograph that is developed using the highest level of innovation and technology? That’s exactly what we do here at DOP. We are pioneers in what we do and set the bar high for our competitors by using photography techniques of the latest technology. With knowledge regarding the newest technologies in the market, we are able to reach our clients satisfaction.

The photography industry has gone through a series of advancements over time. These advancements will not stop but they will just keep getting better as time passes. The photography industry is been flooded with promising advancements each day and we see that these advancements are just going to be increasing at the rate at which new advancements enter the market.

We use latest technologies like
The editing techniques we use include

There is nothing more heart-warming than an event that that is well documented in a video and can be looked backed later to have a glimpse of the great moment. A video of classy quality helps you explore into the live moments of the events and leave you reminiscing the wonderful moments.

Latest technologies that we use in our videos include
The different videography editing services include

For a domain like ours, a team of professionals with a great sense and creativity, professionalism and an eye to detail is required. Taking up photography and videography services for events, we promise to render nothing but the best experience for you.

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